Universal stove set GROZA 18(P)2

€ 1 655
Steam room volume, m3
under the lining
Type of fuel
Oven door view
heat-resistant cast iron grades CH1, CH2, CH3
Weight, kg
Steam room mode
Russian sauna

Cast iron sauna stoves TM "Groza" are modern stoves designed for small and medium-sized steam rooms. The furnace has a solid prefabricated structure, without threaded and welded joints, the parts are made of alloyed cast iron. The furnace of the Thunderstorm furnaces consists of two chambers separated by a flame arrester. Radiator protrusions of the heater, directed deep into the furnace, increase the area of contact between the fire and the heater and the efficiency of heat removal. To increase the heating surface area of the stones, the heater is equipped on the outside with cast-iron spikes pointing upwards. Bath stones or additional cast-iron mortgages, such as cores and cast-iron cones, are placed between the spikes. The cast iron spikes themselves are also part of the charge for better water evaporation.

The kit includes:

  • sauna stove Thunderstorm 18P2
  • starting pipe
  • box
  • Thunderstorm warranty card
  • door

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