Grom 80 (P2) Serpentinite (1320/60)

€ 6 095

The main purpose of facing the "President" form is the creation of the Russian bath regime in the steam room. This is achieved due to the ability to regulate the level of convection heating and humidity in the steam room.

Cladding features:

  • steam room heating level regulation;
  • complete stop of convection;
  • maintaining the level of moisture obtained;
  • complete stop of hard infrared heat radiation;
  • decorative appearance.

All plates are checked for cracks and foreign inclusions. The stone is of natural origin, and the pattern of the same rock can vary significantly. For the production of one product, the slabs are sorted in such a way that the slabs are identical in stone color and pattern.

The cladding is a prefabricated structure consisting of stone slabs with a thickness of 30 to 60 mm. For fixing the plates, metal strips inserted into the grooves of adjacent plates are used. The inner surface of all plates is located at a distance of 10 to 50 mm from the body of the firebox, forming sinuses that allow air to circulate between the lining and the firebox.

The cladding closes the body of the firebox from all sides, has outlets for the firebox, chimney and flap door.

Serpentinite - a rock with a dark green tint with a pseudo-irrization effect - under directed light gives a beautiful crystalline sheen. Mining place Karelia.

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