Avangard 30 Serpentinite

€ 2 011

Serpentinite - a rock with a dark green tint with a pseudo-irrization effect - under directed light gives a beautiful crystalline sheen. Mining place Karelia.

The cladding for the Avant-garde stove of the “Classic” form provides all the necessary functionality:

  • increases the heat capacity of the sauna stove, adding up to 300 kg to the heat storage mass;
  • regulates the temperature in the steam room due to the precise control of convection. On the cladding door there is a rotary damper, by changing the position of which you can precisely adjust the intensity of the convection flow of hot air;
  • maintains the obtained level of humidity, preventing the room from overheating;
  • fills the steam room with radiant heat from warm natural stone, closing the hard thermal heating from the cast-iron firebox;
  • provides safety from thermal burns, even with a maximum heating of up to 180C, due to the slow thermal conductivity of natural stone, the cladding is safe for people;
  • decorative appearance.

Having a unique pattern created by nature, each cladding has a unique appearance, ideally fitting into the interior of your steam room. The reliability of stone products is ensured by the most severe control of raw materials mined in stone quarries. When processing stone, several additional sortings are carried out according to the quality and pattern of the stone; for the manufacture of facings, only high-quality slabs are used, matched to the color and pattern of the production of 1 finished product. The design of the lining for the Avangard furnace is extremely durable and reliable, excluding damage during strong heating.

The shape of the cube and the absence of separate supports on the lower tier ensure stability on the podium, and strong aluminum alloy fasteners prevent the plates from divergence. The cladding overlap is made of 2 plates so that the hole for the chimney outlet is between the plates and makes it possible to carry out installation with the chimney already installed without additional dismantling. The filler necks for water supply located along the edges of the cladding are decorated with stone clamps, which can be made in a cylindrical or octagonal shape of your choice.

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