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Jade is a translucent mineral that ranges from gray to grassy green to dark green, but can be white, yellow, blue, or black.

Jade is a compound of silica; compounds of magnesium, iron, nickel, chromium and vanadium act as impurities.

We offer bonded jewelry and ornamental Sayan jade. Fraction - 50-70 mm.

Jade has a fibrous structure. The dense mass of stone consists of countless finest fibers, like felt, intricately intertwined with each other.

In terms of viscosity, there are no natural or artificial compounds equal to jade. The strength of jade is comparable to that of good steels.

Pros for using Jade in steam baths and saunas:

  • Jade has a very high strength factor from 6.5 to 7, therefore it is durable for use in a stove, it lasts 3-5 times longer than other stones.
  • Jade is distinguished by its pronounced antiseptic properties. In the aquarium, the bottom of which is lined with jade, the water does not bloom.
  • Jade gives maximum heat output, that is, it is able to retain heat for a long time, which contributes to the manifestation of its medicinal properties.

Previously, only the highest nobility could equip a steam room with a semiprecious stone. For the Chinese emperors, specially trained stone cutters carved jade benches, sun beds and other bath equipment. Fortunately, now the "magic mineral" is more accessible, and everyone can equip their bath or sauna in the country or in a country house with a jade stove, ensuring health and longevity for themselves and their loved ones.

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