Sequel crash test GROM 30 - "Stove in the river"

We listened to your advice under the video "Stove in the river" and decided to carry out the crash test of the cast-iron bath stove "Thunder 30" again. The higher the temperature, the stronger the "burst" effect, and more detail after the test. And, of course, a drawing of an ultra-reliable cast-iron sauna stove for a Russian bath! On the bank of the Pakhra river, we again heated the Grom30 cast-iron stove properly, this time using dry oak wood instead of birch firewood, and blowing coal with an air blower. The temperature of the furnace body exceeded 400C, and the stove "accelerated" to almost 60C, and in this state the stove was immersed in the ice-covered water of the river. How did the oven stand this test? Are all parts ok? We studied everything in detail.