TWO WAYS HOW TO STEAM A BROOM for a BATH. Fast, simple, correct

How to steam a bath broom quickly and correctly? There are two ways. Both are correct. 🌿 We tell and explain. This steaming method is suitable for any bath brooms made of oak, birch, linden, and maple. 🌿 It is also good for coniferous bath brooms made of fir and juniper! 🌿 Both of these methods are used by professional bathhouse attendants, because in addition to convenience, this method allows you to preserve all the essential oils (phytoncides), as well as nutrients directly in the broom itself, rather than evaporate them into a steamer. Yes, you can steam it in boiling water if you wish if you are going to carry out any kind of rolling or washing procedure. Hot water is also better for tougher eucalyptus leaves. But then it is better to pour the resulting infusion over the walls of the steam room. 🌿 Enjoy your health, go to the Russian bathhouse!