First bath and immediately perfect! Overview of the steam room with "Vanguard"

Overview of a steam room with a volume of 18 cubic meters with a cast-iron heat-accumulating furnace "Avangard 24" in Yegoryevsk. Despite the fact that its owner Ilya was engaged in the construction of the bath for the first time in his life, it was made in compliance with all the requirements for a Russian bath.

Ventilation, a font, several types of shelves of different sizes (one as much as twenty meters wide) for sitting and lying soaring, a spacious veranda - Ilya decided to wait out the world pandemics in comfort. In the video, our expert Alexander talks in detail, like never before, about the size of the steam room, its structure, and about what the choice of the stove was based on.

If you have questions about the construction of a bath, if you don’t know what type of layout you will stop at, how to correctly place stove equipment, then this video is a must-see.